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How To Negotiate Lower Monthly Bills

With unemployment at record highs and job security often unstable, you might find yourself strapped for cash. One potential solution is to lower your monthly bills. We’re not just talking about cancelling services either. It is actually possible to negotiate with some companies for lower rates. While it won’t be easy, it’s possible to negotiate…

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How Much Does Bad Driving Cost You?

One of the unfortunate side effects of owning your own vehicle is the sense that your transportation is “free.” After all, you need to pay for each ride on the subway or the bus. Taxi or Uber charges add up quickly. But you don’t pay anybody when you jump behind the wheel of your own…

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8 Ways You Could Be Saving Money on Gas

Summertime means more miles on the road for many people — especially now that the masses are staying away from plane rides and choosing to take outdoor staycations instead. I never liked vacations much growing up. However, I’m warming up to staycations in the surrounding areas. I’m also starting to enjoy camping with the family…

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Paying Big Bucks for Child Care? Here’s How to Save Some Money

My friend once told me she paid $50 a week for her son to spend five or six hours in a daycare/preschool. That’s $200 a month for about 12 hours of child care. It was brutal for her on her student budget. However, she didn’t really have a choice. She also told me that things…

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