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Is Your 401(k) Investment Portfolio Too Conservative?

A 401(k) gives you a ton of options, allowing you to invest in everything from value funds to specialized funds to ETFs. But for most people, trying to decide which mix of funds makes for the ideal 401(k) investment portfolio is confusing and complicated.

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Things You Need to Consider When You Are About to Retire

Hopefully your retirement is a lifelong goal you (and potentially your spouse) are working towards. Or maybe it’s a scary transition you have no idea if you are ready for. Regardless, it can be difficult to figure out the perfect time to actually quit work for good. If you are nearing the end of your…

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Why Seniors Should Take Advantage of Bond Investing

Bond investing is a unique way to gain capital, especially for seniors. Essentially, bonds are a loan you give to companies and governments. After a certain period of time, that money is paid back to you along with accumulated interest. This low-risk investment is something worth looking into if you’re a senior wanting to earn…

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Be Wary Of Over-Enthusiasm When Investing

One of the most important things you can do for your investment portfolio is find a sense of balance. On one hand, there is the problem of too much risk aversion. I know quite a few people who’ve missed out on the recent gigantic market recovery because they were too scared. They hesitated buy back…

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5 Recession-Friendly Investment Options

There are some money moves you can make that’ll actually set you up for success during a recession or economic downturn. If you know which investments, which stocks, tend to perform well when all others are volatile, you can minimize your losses and potentially make gains.

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