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Subrogation: What is It, How Does It Work, and Why Is It Important?

It’s all right to admit it: at a glance, the word “subrogation” looks like a frightening work of legalese. While you shouldn’t necessarily be afraid of it, it can have major consequences for either you or your insurance company. So what is subrogation? Subrogation is a far-reaching term that applies in a wide range of…

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Should You Still Buy Life Insurance If You’re Single?

I’ll be honest with you. I’m still relatively young and I’ve never thought about getting life insurance until recently, despite being the sole breadwinner in the family. Frankly, finances could be tough for my wife and our two young kids if something were to happen to me. Despite those facts, having a policy would still…

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The Best Auto Insurance Plans For 2020

There was a time not so long ago when many people weren’t driving their cars every day. Now that more people are out and about, it’s even more important to make sure your car insurance policy is up-to-date. To help you compare rates and potentially find a new policy, we’ve put together a list of…

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The Top Value-Driven Life Insurance Providers

Life insurance, like any kind of insurance, is a kind of security for you and your family. But unlike most other types of insurance, life insurance is a financial investment.

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Easy Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums

Money-saving tactics are the subject of hundreds of Google searches these days. So it’s no surprise you might be looking at your car insurance premiums and wondering, “How can I save money here too?” After all, with so many companies advertising give-backs, there might be more than just extra dimes and nickels hiding in your…

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