Home Ownership

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The 5 Best Ways to Add Value to Your Home

If you’re hoping to increase your equity and the value of your home, it’s time to consider making a few upgrades. Renovating, updating, and even repairing different aspects of your home can make your home worth more.

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How To Successfully Renew Your Mortgage

Most people renew their mortgage once every three to five years. For many, the experience can be a stressful one. It’s fraught with negotiations, bartering, budgeting, and number crunching. While the end goal of every homeowner is to get the best possible deal, it’s often easier said than done. Bank representatives can be shrewd negotiators.…

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Bought a House? Don’t Forget About These New Expenses

There’s a reason a house is called a “money pit.” They are really expensive. If you’ve recently bought a house (or are planning to buy one in the near future), then you should be aware of the many expenses you’ll incur as a homeowner. Many of them are new, that you didn’t have to contend…

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Important Financial Tips For Buying Your First Home

Buying your first home can be a daunting task. It’s not only a major life milestone but a financial one too. Making matters worse, soaring prices and stagnant wages have made it more difficult for millennials to enter the real estate market. Much harder than it was for their parents’ generation, at least. However, that…

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The Most Expensive U.S. Cities To Live In

Similar to how you need to have money to make money, there’s a bit of a catch 22 in choosing a place to live. The best financial opportunities are often found in prosperous cities. However, it often costs more to live in one of these places. Finding a balance between living costs and your own…

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