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What is the 5/24 Rule of Credit Cards?

If you enjoy earning credit card rewards, this article is for you. Whether you are an average rewards earner, or someone who “churns” cards like a pro, things like air miles, cashback, or points can be great incentives. However, you need to be aware of the so-called 5/24 rule that some (but not all) banks…

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Don’t Fall For These “Credit Score Piggyback” Scams

If you suffer from a low credit score, you’re probably anxious to fix it. A low (or non-existent) credit rating can make life difficult in all kinds of ways. It could cause you to lose out on a potential new apartment or pay much higher interest rates on your credit cards or while financing a…

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Common Myths About Your Credit Score

There is a lot of financial misinformation out in the world. You can head online and read plenty of myths surrounding money and how it works. One of the subjects that suffers from the most glaring misunderstanding is your credit score (and your credit report, alongside it). The financial industry and government regulators have made…

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‘Credit Repair Loans’ Explained: Here’s Why They Are Terrible

Sometimes it seems like banks and other financial institutions simply make up new phrases in order to make more money. For example, there was a time not that long ago when “Reverse Mortgage” wasn’t even a thing. Among the countless other confusingly named products, you can now apply for a “Credit Repair Loan.” Except you…

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What is an APR (and How Is It Different From an Interest Rate)?

You may have seen the term APR while applying for a new credit card. It officially stands for Annual Percentage Rate. Whether you are a first-time credit card user or a long-time card holder, the term APR is one you need to understand. The term APR is often interchangeable with annual interest rates (AIR), though…

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