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Great Ways to Teach Your Children About Money

Money is a difficult enough subject for committed spouses to discuss. So it’s understandable why many parents might bristle at the idea of bringing the topic up with their kids. Although children are often taught money fundamentals in school, these lessons should begin in the home. Taking a proactive role in your child’s financial education…

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Financial Red Flags You Need To Address By Age 40

Turning 40 is a milestone in anyone’s life. When your forties begin, you are officially entering middle age. That means you are no longer a “young adult.” You’re definitely not a kid anymore, so time to act like it — financially, at least. You really should have your financial affairs in order by the time…

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Life Events You Should Never Go Into Debt For

There are some costly events in life that you simply cannot avoid. You may have to go into debt for them. These include unexpected medical emergencies or a major (and necessary) home repair. That said, some debt should be avoided whenever possible. There are certain things in life that you should never go into debt…

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Great Money Advice That Should Be Obvious (But Often Isn’t)

“Common sense just isn’t that common anymore.” You’ve probably heard that phrase uttered before. Maybe your initial response was to “OK Boomer” it away with disregard. When it comes to money, though, it’s shocking how often people fail to apply even a tiny amount of common sense to their decisions. You might know a friend…

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What to Do If Your Employer Overpays You

It’s payday! You look at your pay stub or bank balance to find the best surprise ever — you’ve been overpaid! It’s like the “Bank Error in your Favor” card in Monopoly. However, before you start making plans for how to spend your unexpected windfall, you should consider one sobering fact. Under U.S. federal law,…

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