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Why You Should “Close Out” Your Budget Every Month

You hear it a lot. You absolutely need a personal budget. Every financial expert will tell you. There are multiple articles on this very site that help guide you towards building and maintaining a successful budget. You can even download multiple apps to help you out. It’s important! How will you ever feel in control…

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How To Give Your Personal Finances A Tune Up

Knowing where you stand is important. After all, you can’t improve your financial situation unless you understand exactly where you currently are. Having a good sense of your debt, savings, and expenditures — and how to improve in each area — will benefit you in the long run. However, most of us let things slide…

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How To Not Overspend When Planning Your Wedding

There are many things we associate with weddings, but debt doesn’t have to be one of them. Instead, there are ways you can approach your big day with a budget in mind—and yes, you can still manage to make it a day to remember. Listed below are 10 ways you can rein in your wedding…

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Should You Pay Up Front or Over Time? How to Handle a Large Bill

What can put you both in the red and the black, financially speaking? Bills. Yes, we mean those greenbacks you work for to afford things like housing, utilities, and groceries. But those same amenities cost you throughout the month. Dollar bills increase our financial wealth, while service bills decrease it. It’s a fact of life. More…

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How Much Should You Tip? An Etiquette Guide

When it comes to monetary customs, tipping has to be one of the most confounding of all. The practice of giving a gratuity or tip originated in Tudor England (1485-1603). There, overnight guests in private homes were expected to provide a sum of money to the host’s servants. Since then, tipping has become a widely-adopted…

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