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Economic Impact Payment Cards, Explained (Don’t Lose Yours)

The status of another stimulus payment remains a bit unclear. However, as President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration day gets closer, there is renewed hope that another government relief bill will soon be passed. It will be a much needed boost for many Americans, as the pandemic continues to hit the country hard. Some of the most…

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The Real Costs of Living Without a Bank Account

According to a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation report from 2019, 5.4% of American households don’t have a bank account. The number doesn’t sound like a huge percentage. However, with 325+ million people in the country, that’s as much as 7.1 million households that were unbanked. The reasons for why these families are going without a…

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How to Find the Best Money Market Accounts

When you’re saving money, it’s always nice to put away as much as possible so your savings can grow quickly. But often, putting your money in the right kind of account is the true key to increasing your funds.

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